About Ieva

Ieva Aldins saturates her classes with mindful awareness of the physical body. From major and micro adjustments of form, to body scans she brings students to full presence within their bodies. Through this physical presence students are invited to journey deeper into the internal landscapes of the mind, emotions, and their connection to that beyond the body. Her teaching style is steady, precise, playful and fun. With a talent for inspiring deep relaxation and healing her classes leave students feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Ieva has been practicing yoga for 17 years. Originally, she began practicing yoga to help heal her lungs. The benefits to her health were so fruitful that she continued to practice over the years and yoga evolved into a great love and passion. Yoga has led her down a road of good health and gratitude. Its transformative and healing powers reach far beyond the physical body.

Ieva has taught at yoga and surf retreats in India and Nicaragua, El Salvador and Panama. She is a student of life, an avid traveler, surfer, and ocean lover. She enjoys a regular teaching schedule in the summers on Nantucket Island and her job as a sommelier at Straight Wharf Restaurant. Ieva received her initial yoga teacher training at a Sivananda ashram in Tamil Nadu, India. Additionally, she is trained in Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Aerial Yoga.

“I believe you can do anything you put your energy and efforts towards and I am grateful to the practice of yoga for opening this awareness. May it bring you great peace, health and happiness.” -Ieva